About Nonoi the Kākāpō

Preschool Basic Learning With Nature, Interactive Animations, Puzzles That Comes To Life
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Nonoi The Kākāpō – Number and Colour Games for Preschool Kids in English


Have Fun Learning and Interacting with Nonoi The Kākāpō :


Number Games :
  1. Learn numbers
  2. Spell Numbers
  3. Number Sequence
  4. Solve Shape Puzzles
  5. Peek-A-Po
  6. Freestyle Game To Test Knowledge Of Numbers
Colour Games:
  1. Learn rainbow Colours
  2. Be Creative, Paint Freely
  3. Spell Colours
  4. Play Freestyle Game To Test Knowledge Of Colours
  5. Learn About The Biggest and Endangered Parrot In The World! Yipee!
Nonoi The Kākāpō will help kids :
  • Improve their memory retention
  • Exercise motor reflexes and the brain
  • Develop problem solving strategies
  • Build vocabulary knowledge

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