Kakapo Software Limited recently attended a workshop held by Tapa Kids World Home-Based Childcare Service in Auckland.  Their workshops are held monthly as part of their professional development plan for educators.

We would like to thank their director, Judy Tauahi, for allocating some time for us to demonstrate the features of Nonoi Puzzles science app during the workshop. We also would like to thank the educators for testing our app so that we could make improvements to it.

We are aware that learning about Physics can be monotonous using age old conventional methods. As such, we designed Nonoi Puzzles app as a fun and engaging tool to empower educators and parents to boost kids’ learning about the principles of Newton’s Third Law of Motion and the law of gravity.

This app incorporates ball puzzle challenges to help kids develop problem solving strategies. Each ball will come to live if a puzzle is completely assembled. Kids are then able to exercise their arms by tilting their mobile device to navigate the ball within a chosen landscape.

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