About Kākāpō

The biggest parrot in the world. Yipee!
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Kākāpō is a critically endangered species and lives in the forest of New Zealand.

Kākāpō is a Maori word that means ‘night parrot’. Kākāpō is a nocturnal animal – it sleeps during the day and searches for food at night. Its diet is mainly berries and plants.

Kākāpō can weigh up to four kilograms and is considered to be the heaviest parrot in the world. Even though it has wings, it is not able to fly.

Conservation efforts are made by agencies in New Zealand such as the Department of Conservation, Kākāpō Recovery and Forest and Bird to increase its numbers.

Credits: Bronwyn Jeynes of Kākāpō Recovery has graciously given permission to use materials for this site.

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